Ascended-Warrior Scholarship Fund


Ascended Warrior’s mission is to honor, support, and empower warriors to build the life skills needed to integrate and thrive in the world.  We provide spiritual support to Veterans, First Responders, and their families through guidance, education, and advocacy.

As a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), strive to improve the quality of life of those who have sacrificed for others by providing revolutionary spiritual services developed to support Veterans and First Responders

  • Heal from post-traumatic stress
  • Release deeply engrained trauma and abuse
  • Deprogram oppressive self-belief systems
  • Experience unconditional and transformative self-love
  • Break the cycle of depression and fear
  • Experience marked improvement in morale and motivation
  • Gain practical knowledge for nutritional and physical wellness
  • Build skills and confidence to thrive in the world
  • And prepare for future challenges and opportunities

Scholarships for veterans, first responders and their families with PTS are available for those who are at present unable to afford healing help due to financial challenges.

The Ascended-Warrior Scholarship Fund is managed by Center for Conscious Awareness, a 501.c.3 charitable nonprofit. All awards are at the discretion of Ascended-Warrior’s review of the candidate and availability of funds. Funds are on a first come, first served basis. If no funds are available, you will be added to a wait list and contacted when funds are present for granting.


At CCA we believe in heart-centered collaborations with other healers who support humanity healing their victim consciousness. founded by Chris Alyssia, is where veterans, first responders and their families can enter programs to heal post-traumatic stress.

To apply for a scholarship, please contact and the Scholarship Award Committee will review your application in a timely manner and contact you via email.

Center for Conscious Awareness is an independent nonprofit in an altruistic collaboration with Ascended-Warrior for the purposes of managing donations and award payments to Ascended-Warrior on the award recipient’s behalf. All monies raised towards the scholarship fund are used exclusively for the scholarship award program minus a ten percent administrative fee paid to Center for Conscious Awareness.

All award monies will be paid directly to Ascended-Warrior for providing services to the scholarship recipient, to pay for their healing session fees, as approved by the scholarship committee director.

Scholarship funds will be paid directly to Ascended Warrior upon completion of the program.

If an award recipient is unable to meet their commitment to attend a healing session appointment or program, all or part of any unused award monies will return directly to the nonprofit scholarship fund for management and be made available to the next award recipient in line on the wait list.

Only the Ascended-Warrior Scholarship Award Committee is empowered to make decisions for determining the scholarship award recipients and the benefit amount.

Please SELECT Ascended-Warriors Scholarship Fund from the drop down menu in the Donation box below. Thank you!



Direct Donation For the Benefit Of (FBO)________.

Are you donating on behalf of a veteran, first responder or their family member?

Be sure to make a note on your order after you click the Donate button with their name. For example:

“FBO John A. Smith of Virginia Beach, VA”

All Healing Journeys Are Unique

We understand that donations may be made on behalf of an individual who may or may not be fully ready or committed to their healing journey. We will do our utmost to support this individual clearing the obstacles to healing and hold any monies donated on their behalf for a period of 1-year. After 1-year, the money will default into the general scholarship fund for Ascended-Warrior for another applicant to use.

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