In our conscious nonprofit corporate paradigm, we are committed to presencing new nomenclature and languaging to these business environments. We preface our definition of sales as an opportunity to share reciprocation of goods, services, and capital inside the In-Service To Us™ model of conscious relating between provider and client.


The Opportunity to Invest in Humanity Healing Their Victim Consciousness Has Begun!

Humanity requires your support to move out of Victim/Victimizer Consciousness now, more than ever. Whether you are the first or the last, we all have to do our part to heal. Center for Conscious Awareness is here to partner with you to inspire the world to stand in their true nature of peace and love.

Will you commit to healing 10+ Influencers, who will impact their thousands of Followers?

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Let Us Together Take “Healing Conflict” to The Next Level


In today’s world, people are asking for liberation from their conflicts and seeking inner changework tools to heal the resulting energetic discord they have experienced in their lives from conflict.

Going forward, how will we all work together creating supportive and balanced relationships coming from our previous world of fear and victim?


Heal Victim Consciousness in humanity. CCA’s impact initiative begins with healing Victim Consciousness inside the conscious and unconscious minds of Influencers, who speak to large audiences with various gifted messages of transformation.

With our changework, an Influencer’s messages to the world will then potentiate deep, transformational sociological shifts within their captive audience inside humanity. 


Power of Numbers

An Influencer requires a minimum 10-sessions over 10-weeks to learn, integrate and heal underlying consciousness challenges, to be able to bring this inner changework technology to others. To accomplish these goals, we are interested in obtaining philanthropic funding.

In 2021, we will work with 40 Influencers from a range of demographics. Furthermore, we will support all Influencers to lead their messages with empowered states of love, absent of fear.



A leader who doesn’t realize that in pointing the finger of “make wrong” they are still operating from states of victim and powerlessness, which continues the problems or worse, their solutions were created inside the space of other consciousness challenges, which renders a weak foundation to solving the problem, discord or conflict.

The same leader, absent of consciousness challenges with victim consciousness healed, will set the listening differently to create a message of creating change without triggering their followers and continuing the portrayal of victim energies throughout their message.



Phase I

40 Influencers

Phase II

80 Influencers

Phase III

100 Influencers


“The ripple effect, from even one Influencer, creates an ongoing movement in the consciousness of their Followers, creating powerful and impactful change.”

Annie Kolatkar, Founder & CEO

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Positive Societal Changes Happens Fast When Philanthropists Get Involved!

Would you agree that Victim Consciousness fuels complaining, feeling powerless to make change, paralyzes one’s fortitude to move forward and perpetuates self-pity?

CCA has an action plan in motion. It becomes actualized with funding and empowers us to commence with healing multiple Influencers at a time, thereby affecting millions of people.

We welcome your curiosity to discover how your gift can manifest phenomenal outcomes in our world. Please use the contact form below to reach out to our Founders to have a meaningful, authentic and transparent conversation about empowering the initiatives CCA brings to the world.

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Connect With The Founders to Invest In Humanity

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Dear Potential Investor:

We would be honored to have a meaningful, authentic conversation with you about how your energy, resources, and stewardship create impactful global inner changework for humanity by releasing Victim Consciousness…to living in a society where loving relationships prevail.

We offer opportunity for all philanthropists to invest in their own healing process over the same ten week self-healing program that Influencers experience. We are confident that you will appreciate the value received when you recognize the impact it has on your own life and those in your circles of influence.

Please reach out using the form here and and we will contact you within 2 business days. We look forward to introducing ourselves and our detailed initiative with you.

With gratitude,
Annie Kolatkar & Ashley Lee, RN, BSN, CCRN

Los Angeles, CA 90007

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