Mission Statement

We want to get society to the tipping point, whereby local and global communities have more individuals who come from Conscious Choice, which means they are making a conscious decision to embody the principle of In-Service to Us™, and choosing to come from their true nature of love or peace to relate to self, others and life circumstances.


01. Close The Education Gap

The majority of humanity are unaware that consciousness challenges, created from fear and judgments of self, others and the world contribute to belief systems and structures created from massive judgments that render them triggered when they experience these challenged states inside conversations, experiences and relationships.

02. Sociological Reality Check

As humanity accepts the opportunity to support themselves in releasing their consciousness challenges of victim, they will be better able to maintain and sustain higher frequencies of consciousness, resulting in positive emotional states and deeply improved relating with self, others and life circumstances.

03. Our Mission

Create a global ripple effect by supporting Influencers in healing their unconscious mind and belief systems that result in casting judgments on self, others, and life circumstances. In turn, the ripple effect they create with their followers will be effective to impact healing victim with all of their circles of influence.

Proven Success

The Power of Influencers Affecting Global Societal Change

At present, without knowing what they are doing, there exists a large number of thought leaders who are unconsciously embedding additional “energetic information,” also known as consciousness challenges, buried inside their high-quality messages to their followers.

Some examples of these challenges may be righteous anger, benevolence-versus-benevolence, mercenary, crusader, make wrong, blaming and many others. When these types of consciousness challenges are alleviated, the Influencer becomes clear, concise, and more accurate in their message to deeply support life sustaining transformation for humanity, which is deeply rooted in love absent of the victim states of fear.

Once Influencers have completed their own experience of healing Victim and the associated consciousness challenges rooted in creating Victim/Victimizer Consciousness, their messages to the world will then potentiate deep, transformational sociological shifts within their captive audience inside humanity. 

3 Ways to Get Involved

Sign up as an Influencer
Donate as a Philathropist
Take The Miracle Is YOU! Remote Transmission Energy Healing Program to Heal Victim / Victimizer Consciousness.

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Mission Overview

Healing Victim Consciousness

The Problem

People are asking for liberation from their conflicts and seeking inner changework tools to heal the resulting energetic discord they have experienced in their lives from conflict.

Impact Initiative

Begins with healing Victim Consciousness inside the conscious and unconscious minds of Influencers, who speak to large audiences with various gifted messages of transformation.

Influencer's Impact

Their messages to the world will  potentiate deep, transformational sociological shifts within their captive audience inside humanity without victim consiousness present. 


3 Levels of Support

  1. Influencer Impact Healing Program
  2. Philanthropist Donation and Healing Program
  3. Individual Healing Program with multiple resources

Program Leadership

Founders Annie Kolatkar and Ashley Lee, luminescent visionaries in the realm of personal transformation and changework

Inner Technologies

Innovative, advanced inner technologies that shifts discordant energetic relating between aspects of self, others and life circumstances to creating higher levels of energetic integrity between all parties and perspectives

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