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The Miracle Is You!

You are the Chief Energy Officer (CEO) of your life and we facilitate the opening of you mastering your giftedness in the world.

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A man stands facing a sunset with his arms reaching up to the sky in praise. The Miracle Is YOU! Remote transmission energy healing program offered by Center for Conscious Awareness.

The Miracle is YOU!

A 12-Week Self-Healing Meditation Course

Our uniquely designed, weekly, advanced energy self-healing meditation course creates an inner journey to discover the miracles that are present within you!

You are the CEO of your life and we facilitate the opening of mastering your giftedness to the world.

Upon registering for this program, you will receive the gifts of daily guidance from our 101 email program to support you transitioning your consciousness challenges. The release of these consciousness challenges opens the door to the miracles within you. Another gift is our empowerment eBook, which supports you in standing in your true nature, called love, expressing into the space of your Life.

12-consecutive Wednesdays at 8:00pm Your Timezone.

Enroll at any time before the Wednesday night program commences. Our programs enrolls new participants each week. Begin to experience the miracle of you now!

The Miracle Is YOU! A 12-Week Self-Healing Program

The Miracle is YOU! program will support you in strengthening the inner experience of creating the miracles you intend.

Week 1- Freedom ... Clearing the Obstacles to Miracles

I open to being free of the obstacles that prevent me from being the miracle I choose to create.

  • Releasing Investment To The Goal Consciousness that illustrates how “attachments to outcome” prevents us from being neutral, having definitive clarity around the intention, and facilitates conjuring in the manifestation of the intended outcome.
  • Releasing Victim of Circumstance Consciousness that keeps people stuck in believing we are powerless to create change.
  • Releasing the belief that someone (or something) is greater or better than me. Cultivate existing empowerments from your innate gifts and abilities to support you in recognizing that you are equal and have access to infinite knowledge.
  • Releasing the beliefs centered in “I don’t know what I want” and “I don’t know how to create what I want” for opening to greater truth, knowledge, answers, support, and much more.
Week 2 - Pronoia ... The World Conspires to Support Me

Deeply recognizing that I am supported by my Inner Guidance at all times to create the miracles I presence in my life.

  • Releasing “Make Wrong Consciousness” that describes the ways that I might share with myself self-judgments if I don’t get it right or can’t create the miracle, I seek
  • Releasing I Am Broken Consciousness and Miracles Cannot Be Obtained Until I Am Fixed Consciousness. Supporting the healing process with empowerments to correct and reshape consciousness from inside love and pronoia.
  • Releasing Blaming and Wounding Consciousness that keeps us believing “I am stuck” or “my story of the past” holds me back.
  • Discovering:
    • those in alignment with your intention,
    • your hidden empowerments,
    • innate gifts and abilities,
    • how your family lineage and the world around you can offer insights, support, and much more.
Week 3 - Self-Navigation ... Finding Answers with Your Inner Guidance

I empower myself to experience answers to all questions. I open to knowing what to ask, and refine how I ask through deeper listening to the answers I receive through contemplative introspective moments (aka meditative moments).

  • Releasing Looking Outside Myself Consciousness, which has you looking for love, wealth, health and happiness in everyone and everything from a partner, supplement, object to a cuppa tea. I feel separate from what I want and unable to create the miracle from inside me.
  • Opening to recognizing the various ways in which we give our power away to someone or something outside of ourselves.
  • Remembering to look within for answer, guidance, direction and self-love.
  • Releasing consciousness challenges that create distortion, lack of clarity, confusion, stuckness and supporting empowerments that bring focus, concentration, presence of mind and moving into flow energy.
  • Cultivating trust and faith in one’s intuition.
Week 4 - Wellness ... Bringing Forward the Expression of True Health

I am able and willing to reinvent my entire being on all levels physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. I open to exploring where I am stuck in my energetic bodies.

  • Releasing “I’m too stuck, sick or depressed to shift” and “I can’t heal myself” or “I can’t reinvent myself” to open the potentials and possibilities for you to bring forward your intention. These are common self-limiting beliefs, formed from self-judgments, that create obstacles to expressing the miracle that is you.
  • Releasing negative feedback loops, your “hamster wheel” of self-doubt, and other self-judgments that impede achieving your health goals.
  • Trusting in your new awareness, empowered state, and expression of your True Natured self, love, without fear of the past revisiting you.
  • Recognizing conscious opportunities to shift mindsets and paradigms about optimal physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.
Week 5 - Interdependence ... Creating In-Service To Us TM

I can learn to take care of me (self-love) for others, so I can be In-Service To Us™ (See below).

This week’s meditation journey is about coming into awareness of challenged states, such as those in the list below, that suppress our True Natured self, which is love, and compromise the fullest expression of being in harmony with your highest consciousness.

We support the transcendence of the following consciousness challenges:

  • Independence, dependence, co-dependence
  • Service to self, service to others
  • Mercenary, missionary, martyr
  • Loner, backstabber, superior
  • Benevolence-versus-Benevolence
  • Righteous anger and spiritual racism

In-Service to Us™ is a sociological concept, which builds rapport and relatedness between all parties communing in a conversation, experience, and relationship:

“As we participate in self-love and I take care of me for you, and you take care of you for me, we then come together through conscious intention as our cups are full of love, creating an experience of abundance beyond anything we have experienced before, where everyone benefits from the service provided, is considered and supported.”

Living this guiding principle requires letting go of judgments towards self, others and the life circumstances we created for ourselves. Letting go of Victim Consciousness once and for all, corrects and balances the unconscious root cause of all problems in the world.

Week 6 - Creation ... Begins with Neutrality

Neutrality can be a place that may seem boring or unfitful for creation. Yet, take a moment to reflect on how transcendent creation begins. Creation that lasts and develops great importance begins inside the space of non-judgment and is free to be developed. The zero point, also know as the point where no judgments are cast onto the creation process, begins to manifest the highest vibrational form of your intention.

We will be building your Empowerment Toolbox to support you in noticing, feeling and experiencing this neutral space within you.

Week 7 - Unlimited ... Being Fresh and New In Each Moment

I open to the world of being new and fresh to experience the opportunities I had never recognized before, by releasing investment to outcome, and how the past proves or disproves any potentials.

  • Recognizing the past is in the past and has no control on you unless you give it your power
  • Focusing on being in the now moment where new opportunity exists
  • Bringing your full awareness, on all levels physical, emotional, mental and spiritual into the now moment
  • Releasing attachment to the outcome and trusting in the process that emerges from the zero-point
  • Learning how to know that you are in process of creating miracles
  • Celebrating your progress when you recognize you are in the flow and manifesting aspects of your intention
Week 8 - Empowered ... Expanding Your Toolbox

This week is about cultivating empowerments to support your ongoing empowered state of Love and its fullest expression. Empowerments optimize and accentuate our true natured state of love inside specific and directed intentions of space setting.

  • Recognizing I am empowered and connect to my Inner Guidance through conscious choice, I innately know I am gifted with abilities and empowerments. With an expanded toolbox that empowers me, I begin to transcend my consciousness challenges with ease and grace.
  • Releasing all consciousness challenges that create:
  • De-powered states of being, giving power away due to conflicts
  • Suppression or compromise of abilities and gifts (aka superpowers)
  • Denial, veiling and suppression of consciousness challenges

All participants will be emailed a copy of our Empowerments eBook as a gift to their Miracle process!

Week 9 - Self-healing ... Is the Miracle of YOU!

Today’s journey explores the Elements of Self-Healing:

  • Making a commitment to reducing and eliminating distractions from your life, to make time for your self-healing creating an introspective contemplative moment to deepen your pathway to self-healing.
  • Setting time and space in your healing environment to support yourself and give yourself the gift of self-healing.
  • Opening to the presence that your body and being has innate capacities to facilitate rapid healing in your body, as we release all forms of fear, doubt and constraints such as time, money or resources.
  • Handling/completing your to-do list is different than self-healing. Self-healing begins with healing your consciousness challenges to clear the obstacles to your intention. Releasing the need to see the outcome we desire to achieve with our self-healing supports us in experiencing greater opportunities of self-healing we have never had before.
  • Choosing which area of your experience (physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual) you want to focus on for guidance, support and healing. Then committing to when and where you will do your work throughout your day.
  • Knowing in your heart of hearts that your inner work does not need to be hard, laborious or time consuming.
Week 10 - Presence ... Your Presence Matters

“Who you are matters, who you are makes a difference.” -Helice “Sparky” Bridges.

Self-validation begins with self-love. Your presence matters. When you begin to recognize this truth, you move into the space of self-validation, which deepens your empowered state.

  • Opening to recognize and releasing self-judgments as they happen in the moment
  • Releasing the judgments of others to support the manifestation of your healing miracle
  • Self-correcting with love and gentleness your innermost thoughts about yourself
  • When you notice that some aspect of your intended miracle is happening, you make self-affirming and intention-affirming thoughts in the moment that support the ongoing manifestation of your miracle
  • Expressing gratitude for your intention across all dimensions, on all levels and across all perspectives
Week 11 - Oneness ... Birthing Your Miracle From Inside You

That which you envision already exists inside you. Recognizing your consciousness challenges pollute the miracles you are choosing and empowerments enhance your intention, you may begin to bring more light and life into bringing forth your miracle.

  • I recognize that I have created everything in my life, and every miracle I “intend” I take personal responsibility for.
  • The neutral space of Oneness is experienced here
  • Creational energy begins here
  • Manifestation is amplified in either direction from Oneness
Week 12 - Living in Oneness ... Also Known As Utopia

We are all the same, we might just be in our little bodies (children) or our big bodies (adults)! We all may have different roles and we all serve the same purpose of supporting humanity and our host planet, called Earth.

Becoming clear, or creating clarity about the choices we create in our Utopic environment.

  • The Self I choose to be
  • Choosing to relate to others from inside the space of Love
  • Choosing the role in life that my heart is in alignment with expressing my higher truth
  • Making conscious choice to abstain from judging self and others to create peace and transcendence for all
  • Creating a conscious commitment of supporting myself and all others through In-Service To Us(TM)

I am finding tremendous value in The Miracle Is YOU! My experience can be described as: A Quest, Guided with the TV show and meditation following to deepen the experience; Deep Realization -to acknowledge how consciousness challenges have ruled the ways I operate; Deep Releasing -awareness to release and practice opening to “I am worthy of my gifts, even though my life is messy and being cleaned up”; Daily Awareness -that the other side is that I am doing the work and there is more to do as I can choose; Deep Awareness -since I created it once I can create anew from a healthy place of love and not force. The bonus emails fuel an additional boost to the already rich wisdoms! Adopting the mindset that the miracle is ME! I am worthy of being The Miracle!

Margrete Chadwick

Conscious Global Leader

Every Wednesday night I get some cool insight and just notice that something feels different. I’ve enjoyed some neat ahh-has from it, even when I wasn’t consciously tracking what was going on beforehand. Getting the emails regularly is helpful. Thank you this stellar program!

Mike Peterson

PTSD Expert

I am having a fantastic experience so far. The concepts are powerful and you use such clear examples to illustrate. The two of you have such a complimentary dynamic and I also really enjoyed the pronoia guest. There is a certain resonnance or power to your work that seems to pierce through all the noise and deliver that coherent input that my being so needs to function in harmony.

Andrew H.


We are really enjoying the program.  You are masterful in this program and even in our group of gleaning out the nuggets and articulating them in a clear and applicable way.  I love the way your program provides so many deep insights and then offers a way to implement resolution.  Brilliant work. Thank you so much.

Jan Hibbard


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The Miracle Is You! healing program connects you to recognizing and living the influencer you are to yourself and all others around you.

Our program illuminates the opening of the giftedness within you. The journey of mastering your giftedness is the witnessing of a life we consciously choose to create.

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Self-Healing Process

12-Week Self-Healing Meditation Course

Program Overview

A 12-week, 30-minute remote self-guided meditation on Wednesday nights at 8PM your timezone, to deepen your inner connection to your Inner Guidance, while exploring your unique, custom energy packet created for you! As you heal your consciousness, you become the loving influencer that cultivates conscious relating.

Watch The Video Series

Match each meditation with the concepts shared in the video series The Miracle Is YOU Self-Healing Meditation Course to deepen your transformational shift.
Each show, led by Ashley Lee, will have a special guest to discuss topics about conscious relating, consciousness challenges, beliefs, projections, judgments and much more. Stay tuned!

Influence From Love

As you heal Victim Consciousness in yourself, by releasing your consciousness challenges and reframing your self-limiting belief systems, you begin to express your true nature of love, expressed as peace inside your giftedness. Conscious choice relating creates empowered states for all in the conversation, experience and relationship.

Founder Quote

“The transformation of Victim Consciousness is the understanding of how one completely embodies compassion absent of all judgments including pity or sorrow.” 

– Ashley Lee, RN, BSN, CCRN

Experienced Leadership

Our Team of Healing Professionals

Innovators of the Leap of Consciousness Toolbox

Annie Kolatkar

Director & CEO

Advanced Energy Healer, Family Constellation Facilitator, Author and Artist

Ashley Lee, RN, BSN, CCRN


Pediatric Advanced Energy Healer, Author and Visionary

Annie Kolatkar is the CEO of the Center for Conscious Awareness organization, a global nonprofit with a focused mission, vision and purpose of healing victim consciousness on the planet specializing in supporting influencers around the world in healing their victim consciousness and thereby creating platforms, products and services to support their fans, followers and people in their influential circles to heal victim consciousness in them.

Annie is an advanced energy healer who is a global practitioner of disentangling constellations born from fear and victim on scales of all sizes. She facilitates healing transformations with individuals, families, communities, and large sectors of humanity through healing the constructs of physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual discords that present inside unfavorable relational outcomes.

Ashley Lee, RN, BSN, CCRN is the CFO and CIO of the Center for Conscious Awareness organization, a global nonprofit with a focused mission, vision and purpose of healing victim consciousness on the planet specializing in supporting influencers around the world in healing their victim consciousness and thereby creating platforms, products and services to support their fans, followers and people in their influential circles to heal victim consciousness in them.

Ashley is a registered nurse who is a global pediatric energy healer focused in the initiative to heal victim consciousness by supporting adults, parents and stewards of children to release victim in their lives. As the co-innovator of the Leap of Consciousness Program, she facilitates healing transformations to resource and raise children in the new paradigms of heart centered living.

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