In regards to my mission and vision in life, I value and recognize the influence I have, as I impact many thousands of people.

I acknowledge and choose to take inner personal responsibility to create a positive impact with society, as I influence many circles of individuals and groups, and recognize I am an agent of change to heal victim consciousness.

Influencer Opportunities


Option 1 - Sponsored

Philanthropy Funded

Phase I – Join us for your private, bespoke, concierge self-healing program designed to heal Victim / Victimizer Consciousness on behalf of the Influencer you are. Next Level Leadership is phase two of this program.

After healing Victim / Victimizer Consciousness in myself, how would I like to heal it with my "Influencees"?


Next Level Leadership

Influencing Your Circles

Phase I – Completed Sponsored/ Philanthropy Funded: Healing
Victim / Victimizer Consciousness Program.

Phase II – Our program is ideal for qualified participants who are Influencers called to promote healing humanity of victim consciousness through their words and modalities to support society within their circles of influence.

Option 2 - Invest In Myself


Sponsor yourself or other Influencer(s) to join us in your private, bespoke, concierge self-healing program designed to heal Victim / Victimizer Consciousness. Ideal for an individual public figure, business leader or philanthropist.

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Extend Your Reach

 Fund Your Team

Phase I – Completed Self-Healing Victim / Victimizer Consciousness Program.

Phase II – Broaden self-healing of Victim / Victimizer Consciousness to your employees, colleagues, collaborators, and all those you impact in your life by joining our self-healing program.


Dear Influencer,

Excitement fills our hearts to have the opportunity to speak with you about healing victim consciousness within you, as you emanate this transformation to those in the world you influence. You have the opportunity to be the change the world can learn from.

In this brief phone conversation, we will be reviewing our self-healing program to determine which program fits your needs.

With gratitude,
Annie Kolatkar & Ashley Lee, RN

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