The Miracle Is YOU!

Global influencers!

Learn from the wisdom shared by our family of Influencers who are special guests on The Miracle Is YOU!

The Miracle Is YOU!

Each episode can be watched on Awake TV Network for a nominal subscription investment. Beside each video is a pictograph (meme) that expresses the essence of the guest influencer and the transcendence we bring forward for you to experience The Miracle Is YOU!

Episode 1 – Freedom … Clearing the Obstacles to Miracles

Meet luminary healers Annie Kolatkar & Ashley Lee, RN as they take you on a journey to clearing challenges that prevent you from expressing your dreams and your giftedness.

In this pictograph, a woman walking the beach lifts up her arms to the sun to exemplify Emancipation Consciousness.

Episode 2 – Pronoia … The World Conspires to Support Me

Meet global influencer Dana James, certified nutritionist and author of The Archetype Diet.

Empowerment Meme inspired by Dana James on episode 2 of The Miracle Is YOU! show. "The Secret Of Life"

Episode 3 – Self-Navigation … Finding Answers with Your Inner Guidance

Meet Kimi Kato founder of record label and artist management company Project Asteri, Los Angeles as he speaks about how he creates consensus and forward momentum with decisions.

Empowerment meme about self-navigation.

Episode 4 – Wellness … Bringing Forward the Expression of True Health

Meet Dr. Andrea Pennington, MD international best selling author and holistic medicine practitioner as she discusses how to create health on all levels through healing the absence of self-love.

Week 5 – Interdependence … Creating In-Service To Us TM

Meet Jennifer Hill of Metabizics.

Week 6 – Creation … Begins With Neutrality

Meet Meredith Herrenbruck, healer and author of Living Your Ridiculously Awesome Life. Experience ways to go to neutral before entering the precipice of creation.

Week 7 – Unlimited … Being Fresh and New In Each Moment

Meet Todd Medina of Soulology a broadcaster for all things spiritual.

Week 8 – Empowered … Expanding Your Toolbox

Meet the founders of Center for Conscious Awareness as they discuss all the tools available to you on your self-healing journey for a Leap of Consciousness.

Week 9 – Self-healing … Is the Miracle of YOU!


Week 10 – Presence … Your Presence Matters

Meet Rob Goddard from Evolution CBS in the UK. This episode explores suicide, how your presence matters and more.

Week 11 – Oneness … Birthing Your Miracle From Inside You

Meet Paul Luftenegger, international pianist, singer, songwriter as he shares his heartfelt thoughts about how we heal our hearts.

Week 12 – Living In Oneness … Also Known As Utopia

Meet Kate “K8 the heARTist” Lumley, artist as she shares her EWEtopian artwork.

Program Participant Quote

“I am having a fantastic experience so far. The concepts are powerful and you use such clear examples to illustrate. The two of you are such a complimentary dynamic and I also really enjoyed the pronoia guest. There is a certain resonance or power to the tools in your work that seem to pierce through all the noise and deliver input that my being so needs to function in harmony.”
-Andrew H., Portland, OR

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