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Founder & CEO

Annie Peterson-Kolatkar

“Innately, as a humanitarian, teacher and healer, I see the potential we have as sentient beings to heal our lives of discord and choose peace. As a collective, working together in empowered states of being, we have massive opportunities and new potentials to create the families, communities and world we want to live in…when we know how to move beyond the pain and suffering we experience in our daily life created from consciousness challenges and limiting belief systems that keep us separate and in fear.

I believe the power to create lasting change in the areas of peace and unity is closer than we realize when we acknowledge that even one person making a change makes a vast difference in all the ways they relate to themselves, others and life circumstances.”
– Anne Marie Peterson-Kolatkar, Founder, Director & CEO

Founder, CFO & CIO

Ashley Lee, RN, BSN, CCRN

“Advanced energy healing is a facilitation and activation of one’s own innate ability to self-heal. With my focus on supporting a global initiative to guide, way show, and educate highly gifted child leaders, I intrinsically support all forms of relating with those who are challenged with energetic discordances, dis-eased states, illnesses, and conflicts in their inner and outer environments.

As a luminary I shine the light of truth on the visions we all create. As a visionary, I see the giftedness of every person. As a pediatric practitioner, I deliver the calling of supporting children in expressing their true natured giftedness of love expressed in unlimited potentials through education, curriculum, and experiential energy healing.”  – Ashley E. Lee, RN, BSN, CCRN, Founder, Chief Financial Officer & Chief Innovation Officer

From Our Founders

You Are More Powerful Than You Realize

You are the proof you choose to create!

Consider: As you walk forward in life, you may have the need to feel safe and secure knowing everyone behind you has accomplished what you are about to do. We invite you to reframe the belief of needing to feel safe to...

“In this moment, I consciously choose to release my fear that I can’t do ‘it’ without others being successful before me. I now realize I am the proof I choose to create.”

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