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Advisory Board

Advisory Board Member

Lynda Newcomb-Detweiler, SLP

Lynda earned a Master’s Degree from Northridge University and has over 30 years of experience in Communication Disorders. Her goal in life is to change lives for the better on a daily basis and to date has thousands of success stories to tell. The Encinitas Learning Center was established in 1997 for providing brain and nervous support to school-aged children. She advises on initiatives for Center for Conscious Kids.

Advisory Board Member

Kate Lumley

Kate has always been an inspired artist and entrepreneur her entire life. She is a show host on Awake TV Network and supporter of the branch for Children and Family. She is an advisor for CCA’s initiative Center for Conscious Kids.


A worldwide collective of individuals who are deeply committed to bringing conscious relating to our world and do more than give humanity a hand-up. These leaders are dedicated to serving humanity, engaging heart-to-heart, steward changes in the world and be the change that creates a ripple effect!

Solving Sociological Conditions

1. Human & Animal Welfare: Homelessness, Addiction, Human Trafficked, Impoverished, Victims of Abuse

2. Environmental: Land, Water, Air, Space

3. Social Reforms: Education, Financial Systems/Wealth, Medicine/Health, Politics, Victim Consciousness and Business Culture, AI/Technology

A. & Wm. Sego
A. M. Newman
A. R. Ezzell
A. R. Kolatkar, PhD
B. & V. Stover
C. Butler
C. & B. Olsen
C. R. Vandepoll
K. Vandepoll
D. Alonzo
D. Heckler
D. Newton
D. Nolasco
D. R. Thomas
D. Sweeps
D. Wigney
G. Messina
I. Temesy
J. Stevens
J. Hobbs, III

J. Joseph
K. Duffy-Weiss
K. J. Turner
K. Kaoru Hazama
K. Lumley
K. O’Malley-Barker
L. Gershman
L. Kanka
L. Marsh
L. Miller
L. Ysart
M. Goers
M. Hackley
M. Herholdt
M. Johnson
M. Kubes
M. Peterson
M. Randolph
M. Shields
N. Augustine
P. Dominguez

P. O’Donnell
M. Peterson
M. Randolph
M. Shields
N. Augustine
P. Dominguez
P. O’Donnell
R. Baron
S. Brightstar
S. Brophy
S. Caira
S. Richey
S. Schuler
S. Stranak
T. Touchstone
V. A. Wilk
W. Gish
W. Lee
W. Melendez
Wm. Houlihan, DDS

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