Practicing Self-Love Daily means we, as humanity are making a conscious choice to fill up our cups with love. With each of our cups full, we will be less inclined to look outside ourselves for love. What impact might that have on everyone? It is significant.

Self-Check: How Many Ways Do You Practice Self-Love?
We are excited to share with you some of many ways to be practicing self-love daily. As you review these intake points, we invite you to find new and fresh opportunities to develop your own self-love practice. We encourage you to include balance in all your energetic bodies for your optimal well-being.

  • Physical Energetic Body:                Do you find ways to relieve stress by working out, heal your body by going to the spa, taking a walk, drinking and eating clean? Did you know that releasing mental and emotional stress releases symptoms and physical pain in the body allowing self-love to come in more freely?
  • Mental Energetic Body:                 Do you release the thought patterns and negative feedback loops that keep you stuck in stress? Do you identify your belief systems and structures that create triggered states and reframe them? Did you know you could give yourself self-love through releasing judgments of yourself and others from your life?
  • Emotional Energetic Body:           Do you identify emotions and consciously release them in the moment from your four energy bodies listed here? Are you consciously working on mastery of your emotions? Did you know that by releasing your emotions you impact your physical body by creating a cascade of positive chemicals? And, did you know that embodying gratitude every morning when you wake up starts your day with improved and balanced brain chemistry?
  • Spiritual Energetic Body:               Do you heal conflicts with others and release the underlying consciousness that created the conflict? Do you release the resulting discordant energies from your physical, mental or emotional levels? Did you know that releasing consciousness challenges creates improved relating and experiences with self and all others?

Exercise: How Self-Love Impacts YOU!
First, you will never give your power away again to someone or something outside of you because you will recognize intrinsically that your true nature is love! If you are love, do you “need” anyone or anything outside of you? Pause and briefly consider how recognizing that “you are what you have been looking for” will affect your overall energy, when you admit that you are the Source of your energy. As you accept that you are the Source, how will you cultivate and express your true nature of love?

Now, perceive your cup full of self-love to deeply consider how different your life experience will be when you join with others to create or do something –how much more power-full, loving, absent of demands for love and support, and rich with unlimited potential will that experience be?

Self-love truly is the goal. Self-love allows us to be healthy and living Inter-dependently ready to be In-Service To Us™.

In-Service to Us™ is a sociological concept, which builds rapport and relatedness between all parties communing in a conversation, experience, and relationship:

As we participate in self-love and I take care of me for you, and you take care of you for me, we then come together through conscious intention as our cups are full of love, creating an experience of abundance beyond anything we have experienced before, where everyone benefits from the service provided, is considered and supported.”

Living this guiding principle requires letting go of judgments towards self, others and the life circumstances we created for ourselves. Letting go of Victim Consciousness once and for all, corrects and balances the unconscious root cause of all problems in the world. 

Releasing Self-Judgments Is The Ultimate Self-Love Practice
In the moment that you notice you have made a self-judgment, that is the moment that you make conscious choice to release and forgive it.

Everyone loves to have “good energy” as it makes us feel good, strong and healthy on all levels. Self-judgments lowers our energies significantly. Every self-judgment is a low frequency thought that can create numerous emotions that can continue to cascade downwards until we experience deep depression, apathy -even abdication of power.

Emotions Can Create Exhaustion
Feeling exhausted? Ask yourself what emotion is reducing your energy. Then ask yourself what self-judgments or belief is behind your emotion. For example, if you are angry over someone breaking trust with you, perhaps you have a belief that you have a right to be angry when you believe you are victimized by those who express dys-integrous consciousness that affects you.  Release the belief first by finding and embracing the truth and updating your consciousness. This is how you can maintain and sustain states of inner peace while you are in the presence of someone who breaks trust.


“As I recognize that I created my anger when I felt justified in blaming the other person for breaking trust with me, I now perceive that I am the creator of my own emotional response and release the blaming.
I choose to conflict resolve my own mistrust and judgments of the other party.
I release my anger on all levels physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual and breathe it all out.
I release my self-judgment that I am powerless to those who violate my trust and faith.
I release and forgive all my self-judgments that I was a victim, powerless and unable to create the relating I choose.
Moving forward, with my inner guidance onboard helping me navigate my relationships, I continue to have trust and faith in myself and all others.”


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As you notice yourself making a self-judgment simply stop and think or say aloud, “Oh! That’s a good self-judgment, but it is not the truth of me. I let that go.” You might even be funny with yourself and say, “Oops! That was a cute self-judgment and I let that go.” Always return to your higher self, your true nature of love without judging your self-judgments as a “make wrong” or you will never get out of the hall of mirrors reflecting judgments in every direction endlessly.

Next, reframe the old self-judgment with the truth. For example, if you just judged yourself as having made a dumb mistake, stop, release that self-judgement and reframe it. “I release my self-judgment that I made a dumb mistake. I recognize that I can take inner personal responsibility and stand in my power to correct it inside heart-centered consensus.”

While you may find this type of self-talk unusual, perhaps even a bit too formal, it is both liberating and supports healing in your brain and nervous system by giving your collective system a unique and purposeful update. Your brain makes decisions based upon your belief systems and structures. If you keep the old beliefs in place (e.g., I make dumb mistakes) and do not release them through conscious choice and choose to believe something new about yourself in the moment, you will remain the same.

Committing to letting go of your self-judgments is yet another form of self-love and establishes with your brain, which checks in every second of every minute about what you want through your belief systems and structures; With a commitment in place, you increase your chances of filling your cup up with love.

As you learn and practice the release of self-judgments daily, your energy becomes more stable, fresh, and opportunity for clarity in all matters can prevail.

Enjoy 3 Self-Love Empowerments
Here are 3 Empowerments to support yourself moving forward after the release of self-judgments:

  • Self-Love Consciousness – When I recognize that I am One with Love, and my True Essence is Love, I am able to restore myself inside this presence of centeredness in the Truth of Me.
  • Self-Nurturing Consciousness – We create the energy of motivation to power the commitment to the goal, when we allow the energies of life to flow through us to build motivation energy.
  • Self-Leadership Consciousness – I choose to listen to my Inner Guidance and be self-directed inside Love at all times. I trust in my ability to Navigate my problems and challenges.

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