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Never underestimate the power of one person to impact hundreds of thousands, if not millions. All it takes is enough Influencers to heal Victim Consciousness in themselves to lead society to the tipping point of creating conscious relationships.

We are an educational nonprofit for teaching self-healing from victimization to all groups and demographics. We take in philanthropy dollars and donations to support Influencers healing their victim consciousness in their personal and professional lives to support healing pain and suffering for all of humanity through supporting their Influencees also known as fans, followers, groupies, subordinates, employees, people they lead, people they sell to, people they relate to and other audience members. We build sociological change.


If you have 10,000 or more people listening to you and would like to make a positive impact in society, we want to talk with you!


You have the resources, energy and ability to make an impact in the lives of many. We are here to implement the stewardship.

Mission & Vision

Heal and end Victim Consciousness. We have multiple initiatives to create societal
In-Service To Us

Healing The Victim Is The Priority


Over the millennia, our world has failed in the efforts to rehabilitate perpetrators and create a system of individual and collective inner personal responsibility. Justice systems continue to promote violence through punishment models of blaming perpetration in an effort to end victimization. The resulting system and structure has been ineffective and continues in perpetuity.

As society wakes up to the reality of what the justice system is sustaining and maintaining, they will realize that these punishment models of violence towards perpetrators keeps offenders stuck in their consciousness challenges. When perpetrators are unable to heal their consciousness challenges that contributed to their original perpetration, the cycle never ends.

Inside divine guidance, founder Ashley Lee was called to look in the opposite direction and recognized that healing the victim and their perspectives of their reality was the answer to ending perpetration and violence on the planet. When the victim recognizes they can and do move away from participating with perpetration, the entanglement of “Victim / Victimizer” leaves the experience.

The transformation of Victim Consciousness is the understanding of how one completely embodies compassion, absent of all judgments including pity or sorrow.

When a perpetrator and victim are entangled within a conflict, the perpetrator does not want to give up its position of power or prowess over the victim. Yet, the victim often has nothing to lose (other than a wounded ego) and, as they release themselves from the conflict and their attachment to the outcome, rehabilitation from an energetic pattern called Victim/Victimizer Consciousness then becomes available for reframing.

Then the transformation from “perpetual heinous acts of fear absent of caring for one another” can then move into empowered states of being as exampled by heart-centered consensus.

Victims often have myriad consciousness challenges borne out of Victim Consciousness that create additional conflicts in themselves and the world, stemming from powerlessness, self-pity, righteous anger and vengeance to name a few of the over 1,600 consciousness challenges that have been catalogued by founders Kolatkar and Lee, as they unwind concepts of conflict from Victim Consciousness to determine root cause.

As humanity heals their collective Victim Consciousness, and people are standing in their power of love, non-separation and expressing Heart-Centered Consensus Consciousness through a collective consciousness that benefits all, humanity will no longer express victimization, and perpetration will no longer exist.


I'm An Influencer

As I influence many circles of individuals and groups, I recognize I am an agent of change to heal victim consciousness.

I'm A Philanthropist

As I support resources, energy and capital towards supporting humanity, I recognize I am agent of opportunity.

I'm An Individual

As I acknowledge I am either a victim or perpetrator, I recognize I have the tools and opportunities to heal my consciousness challenges, here.

Here at the Center for Conscious Awareness, we impart wisdom by creating an experience through self-healing with our focused program, “Healing Victim / Victimizer Consciousness,” to release the planet of fear, for all of humanity. We guide and support Influencers, Philanthropists, and Individuals to heal their own victim consciousness to perpetuate the ripple effect of healing victim in all their “influencees”. We are called to do this work. We invite you to enroll today.

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“Every conflict is created from a Consciousness Challenge.”

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